Oscar’s Grind Betting System – Application with Example

The Oscar’s-Grind-System is a game system with positive progression, in which the next bet is increased by one if you win and reduced by one if you lose.

Via the Oscar’s Grind casino system

The Oscar’s Grind System is a system with positive progression, which is also known under the name Hoyle’s Press or also as Pluscoup progression. With a positive progression, the bet is increased when you win and when you lose the bet is decreased. A positive progression is therefore always a little less risky for the player than a negative progression.

Allan Wilson wrote about the Oscar’s Grind System for the first time in 1965 in his book “The Casino Gambler’s Guide”. Wilson is said to have found the notes of a craps player who had precisely written down his approach and bets. Wilson entered the notes into his computer and played through 280,000 sequences based on the guidelines derived from them. With the result that the Ocar’s Grind System works. Then Wilson published it in a book.

What are grinders?

In casino jargon, a “grinder” is someone who earns his bread by making small but constant profits in online casinos or poker rooms.

He is not aiming for the big jackpots, but is aiming for regular wins.

Grinding is very common in online poker, online blackjack, and online roulette.

Although originally developed for craps, the system can also be used in all other games of chance with 50:50 chances. The Oscar’s Grind System assumes that both wins and losses can often occur one after the other. Bets should therefore be placed in such a way that the stakes are as low as possible on losing streaks and as high as possible on winning streaks.

This is how the Oscar’s Grind System works

The Oscar’s Grind System is a game system with positive progression.

If you win you increase the next stake to one unit and if you lose you reduce the next stake by one unit.

In the Oscar’s Grind System, the entire game is divided into rounds. A round ends with a profit of one unit.

At the beginning of the game, the player places the minimum bet. This minimum bet is one unit for the further course of the system. In this way, the player can flexibly adapt the system to the table minimum.

The goal is to make a profit with just one unit. If this succeeds, the progression starts all over again and the player places another unit.

But if you lose your first hand, only one unit is bet. If you win this bet, the next bet is increased by one unit. For all hands won after that, the stake is also increased by one unit. The player does this until he has made a profit of one unit. If this goal is achieved, the Oscar’s Grind System starts all over again.

Very important with this betting system: As mentioned at the beginning, it is divided into rounds. The aim is to lose only one unit in a round. Because this is not really realistic, the player should set a loss limit at the beginning of the game. When that is achieved, the game is over.

Likewise, in the Oscar’s Grind System, the player should also set a win limit. When it is reached, the game is over. If no limit has been set, there is a risk of repeating the progression until there is nothing left of the profit.

Like many other betting systems, the Oscar’s Grind system is only played for 50:50 chances (which of course don’t really exist, because the advantage is always with the bank!), So in roulette it would be either red or black, even or odd numbers or the first or second half of the roulette numbers.